Student Achievement
yanti suartini
Ni Komang Yanti Suartini

It is an honor for me to be a part of Undiksha’s students again. After graduating from S1 Informatics Engineering Education, I continued my master’s studies back at Undiksha by majoring in Computer Science. It’s the same as when I was at the S1 level, now at the S2 level I received back one of the scholarship programs from the Ministry of Education and Culture, namely the Superior Scholarship. Being given a second chance as a scholarship recipient from the Ministry of Education and Culture, it certainly makes me more enthusiastic in continuing my current studies. My success as a scholarship recipient again cannot be separated from the support and assistance provided by the campus, especially lecturers in the Computer Science study program in fulfilling the administrative requirements that I must prepare as a prospective scholarship recipient. The process that I went through to get the scholarship started from the filing or administrative selection stage to the online interview stage by Ministry of Education and Culture officials and academics/practitioners in the education world. The rigorous selection process from a total of 85,000 applicants throughout Indonesia, of course, became a challenge for me to be able to get the scholarship. Of the 85,000, there were 2,000 applicants who passed the interview stage. Until finally after the entire selection process was carried out, I was announced as one of 600 students who were accepted as recipients of the Ministry of Education and Culture Excellence Scholarship program. The transparent selection, assessment and acceptance process of scholarships certainly makes this scholarship program in great demand among students. So far, the scholarship program that I have received has really helped me both in terms of financing (BKT/semester fees, living expenses and book fees) and self-development through activities organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. This also spurred me to be able to complete my studies on time in the Undiksha Masters Degree Study Program.

adi sista
Dewa Nyoman Adi Sista

As the youngest of seven children, I am personally very grateful for the Superior Scholarship program from the Ministry of Education and Culture. This program became a way for me to continue my education to the Masters level, after previously I studied S1 majoring in Informatics Engineering Education at Ganesha Education University. After completing my undergraduate education, I worked as a Programmer at the UPT TIK Ganesha University of Education and started looking for scholarship opportunities to be able to continue to the Masters level. Until finally I found the flagship scholarship program and managed to pass and was able to continue my master’s degree at the Postgraduate Ganesha University of Education majoring in Computer Science. I am personally very grateful because thanks to the support of my family, closest people and the campus who also helped in fulfilling the administrative selection files, I was finally able to become one of the recipients of the Superior Scholarship. In 2018 I successfully passed the CPNS selection for ICT teachers at SMA Negeri 1 Singaraja and has been on duty since May 2019. This has become my motivation to be able to immediately complete my education and serve the country through education. Of course, this cannot be separated from all those who support me so that I become who I am today. Once again I say thank you.