Facilities and Infrastructure


Until now, the Faculty has had a number of facilities to support the Tridharma activities of higher education in the Faculty. The facilities in question include laboratory equipment, office equipment (computers, LCD screens, typewriters, printers, telephones, fax, air conditioning, lamps, tables, chairs, cupboards, and shelves), lecture hall equipment (chairs, tables, boards). writing, LCD, screen, air conditioning, lights), lecturer room equipment (tables, chairs, bookshelves, air conditioning) transportation facilities (official cars and motorbikes), information technology facilities (television, internet), toilet and bathroom equipment.


The infrastructure currently used are: 1) a number of buildings that function as lecture rooms, microteaching rooms, laboratories, lecturer rooms, staff rooms for department management and faculty leaders, court rooms, seminar rooms, HMJ functionaries and student senate rooms, toilets, and rooms bath; 2) shelter; 3) parking lot; 4) gardens and parks; and 5) road access between buildings. The following table presents the currently available infrastructure.