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Master Programme in Basic Education Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha

Vision :

To become a leading study programme in the development of science and technology in the field of basic education based on the Tri Hita Karana (Three Causes to Prosperity) philosophy in Asia by 2045

Mission :

  1. Organizing education and learning at the master's level in the field of basic education that is oriented to an integrated approach and developing comprehensive basic education and national education development policies.
  2. Carry out research related to the field of basic education studies and implementation of basic education development policies, both at local, regional, national, and international levels.
  3. Organizing various community service activities related to the development of basic education.
  4. Building cooperation and networking with various related agencies in order to improve the quality of basic education, both at regional, national, and international levels, especially in the implementation and development of master's programs in basic education.