Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (UNDIKSHA) is a state university within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology located in Singaraja City, Bali Province. UNDIKSHA is growing and developing as Educational-Based University in Indonesia.  The UNDIKSHA developed seven Faculties and Postgraduate programmes, including (1) Faculty of Education, (2) Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, (3) Faculty of Languages and Arts, (4) Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, (5) Engineering and Vocational Faculty, (6) Faculty of Sports and Health, (7) Faculty of Economics, and (8) Postgraduate. 

Quality of The Curriculum

Undiksha Strategic Plan (2020-2024)View
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Undiksha Operational Plan (2020 - 2024)
Academic Guidelines for UndergraduateView
Academic Guidelines for PostgraduateView
Guidelines for the implementation of freedom to learn independent Campus (MBKM) curriculum for undergraduate View
Guidelines for the implementation of freedom to learn independent Campus (MBKM) curriculum for postgraduate View
Competency-Based Curriculum Oriented Qualification Framework (KKNI) Undiksha 2019View
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Procedure for Quality Assurance

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Standard Document, Manual, Quality

Annex 5.2 Tracer study ReportView
Annex 9 Academic Internal Quality Audit ReportView
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Learning, Teaching and Assessment of Students

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English Test
Student’s Academic Achievement Based National Selection
Student’s Achievement Recognition
Employment and Career Development of the Graduates
Online Course Options
Computer Certification
Internal Quality Assurance
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Student Questionnaire Terkait TL (Teaching and Learning)
User’s Satisfaction of Alumni Report
Workload Assessment Survey Report
Tracer Study Report

Annex 3.1 Student’s Academic AdvisoryView
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Annex 3.3 Form of Study Plan Academic Achievement RecordView
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Student Admission, Progression, Recognition, and Certification

New Student Admission Information SystemInformation Portal
Undiksha Admission System
Undiksha Re-registration System
Students Admission Guidelines for UndergraduateView
Students Admission Guidelines for PostgraduateView
Learning Management SystemView
Student Questionnaire for Learning Evaluation
Student Academic Report (form of study plan academic achievement record
Thesis Defense Management System
Undiksha Academics Guidelines

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Teaching Staff

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PDDIKTI Lecturer List
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Visiting Lecture (BKK)Visiting Lectures from overseas partners for Odd Semester 2020/2021
Joint Teaching Even Semester 2020/2021
External Lecture List (BKK)2020/2021 Odd Semester Practitioners
2020/2021 Even Semester Practitioners
Recapitulation of research, publication, and community services (LP2M)

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Learning Resources and Student Support

Long Term Development Plan (RPJP)
Strategic Plan (Renstra)View
Organizational Structure and Work Procedures (SOTK)
Operational Plan
University FacilityView
Students’ Facilitating Documentation

Annex 6.1 Lesson PlanView
Annex 6.2 Course ModulView
Annex 10.1 Strategic Plan for PostgraduateView
Annex 10.2 Academic Guidelines for PostgraduateView
Annex 10.4 Students Admission Guidelines for PostgraduateView
Annex 10.5.1 Regulation of Freedom to Learn-Independent Campus (MBKM) CurriculumView
Annex 10.5.2 Guidelines for the implementation of freedom to learn independent campus curriculum (MBKM) Postgraduate Program 2020View

Public Information

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