Postgraduate is part of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, which began in 1999 with approval to manage education at the Master level, namely the Language Education Study Programme, the Educational Research and Evaluation Study Programme (Penelitian dan Evaluasi Pendidikan or PEP), and the Educational Management Study Programme (Program Studi Manajemen Pendidikan or MP) which is currently named Education Administration Study Programme (Program Studi Administrasi Pendidikan or AP). Starting in 2014, Undiksha Postgraduates are also given the opportunity to manage education at the doctoral level, namely the Educational Science Study Programme, the Primary Education Study Programme, and the Language Education Study Programme. Postgraduate Undiksha, since 2014 has also been given the opportunity to manage non-educational study programmes. Since its establishment until now, the Postgraduate Programme has produced many competent graduates both in education and non-education. Until 2022, the Postgraduate Programme has 17 Master Programmes and 5 Doctoral Programmes.