As an institution that produces academic staff, the idea of improving the quality of graduates is a necessity. Starting with graduating from the Indonesian Language Course (BI) level in 1958, a Baccalaureate degree in 1963, and Bachelor’s degree in 1968. Furthermore, it has become the commitment of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) to improve programme services and graduates from the Bachelor’s degree (S1) to Master’s degree (S2) and Doctoral degree (S3), which are known as Postgraduates. Postgraduate proposals were started in 1999 when this institution was still called the College of Teacher Training and Education Singaraja (STKIP). At the beginning of its establishment, the Master’s programme received approval from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) c.q. the Ministry of National Education is 1) Language Education Study Programme, 2) Educational Research and Evaluation Study Programme (Penelitian dan Evaluasi Pendidikan or PEP), and 3) Educational Management Study Programme (Program Studi Manajemen Pendidikan or MP), which is now known as Education Administration Study Programme (Program Studi Administrasi Pendidikan or AP).

The change in College of Teacher Training and Education Singaraja (STKIP) to the Institute of Teacher Training Singaraja (IKIP) in 2001 and the change from  IKIP to Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) in 2006 further strengthened the efforts to develop Postgraduate. Several study programmes for the Master’s level which were opened next were the Primary Education Study Programme, the Science Education Study Programme, the Mathematics Education Study Programme, the Instructional Technology Study Programme, the English Education Study Programme, the Social Sciences Education Study Programme, and Guidance and Counseling Study Programme. In line with the policy of expanding the mandate given to Undiksha, since 2014, Undiksha Postgraduates have also been given the opportunity to manage non-educational study programmes, namely the Computer Science Study Programme. The subsequent development in 2016 was the issuance of a permit to manage the Sports Education Study Programme. However, in the same year, the Science Education Study Programme and the Mathematics Education Study Programme were no longer under the management of Postgraduates but were under the management of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences.

Starting in 2014, Undiksha Postgraduates are also allowed to manage education at the Doctoral (S3) level. Three doctoral study programmes have been approved to be opened, namely: 1) Educational Sciences Study Programme with three concentrations, namely Educational Research and Evaluation, Educational Administration, and Instructional Technology, and since 2016 it has been added to the concentration of Social Sciences Education and Guidance and Counseling, until now in 2021 there are also concentrations of General Education, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Art Education, and Sports Education; 2) Primary Education Study Programme, and 3) Language Education Study Programme. In 2020, Undiksha Postgraduate was trusted to organize a new study programme, namely the Master Programme in Management and Accounting.

Postgraduate Undiksha always follows the development of science and technology, both at the national and international levels, to meet society’s demands by opening new study programmes and developing existing study programmes.

Under Undiksha Rector’s Decree Number 2853/UN48/PJ/2020 regarding the Merger of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences postgraduate programme under the Undiksha Postgraduate Management, currently, Undiksha Postgraduate manages the following study programmes.

Master Programme (S2)

  1. Education Administration Study Programme (AP)
  2. Accounting Study Programme
  3. Guidance and Counseling Study Programme (BK)
  4. Computer Science Study Programme (Ilkom); with a concentration in Computer Science and Information Systems
  5. Management Science Study Programme
  6. Environmental Management Study Programme
  7. Teacher Education for Early Childhood Study Programme (PAUD)
  8. Language Education Study Programme
  9. English Education Study Programme
  10. Primary Education Study Programme (Pendas)
  11. Science Education Study Programme
  12. Social Sciences Study Programme
  13. Chemistry Education Study Programme
  14. Mathematics Education Study Programme
  15. Sports Education Study Programme
  16. Educational Research and Evaluation Study Programme (PEP)
  17. Educational Technology Study Programme (TP)

Doctoral Programme (S3)

  1. Educational Science Study Programme; with a concentration on General Education, Educational Research and Evaluation (PEP), Educational Administration (AP), Science Education, Mathematics Education,  Guidance and Counseling (BK), Art Education, Sports Education, and Social Sciences Education
  2. Language Education Study Programme; with a concentration on Indonesian Language Education, and Balinese Language Education
  3. Primary Education Study Programme
  4. English Education Study Programme
  5. Educational Technology Study Programme