A. Administration Registration

(1) Administrative registration is a process to obtain registered status as a student.

(2) All students are required to carry out administrative registration at the beginning of each semester following the provisions of the academic calendar in the Registration and Statistics Subdivision.

(3) Administrative registration is carried out after the student has paid the Single Tuition Fee and fulfills other specified requirements.

(4) The administrative registration process for accepted transfer students or prospective new students who have passed the Undiksha Postgraduate Programme, is as follows:

a. Prospective students show a summons or certificate from the Postgraduate Director or a certificate of approval to move from Undiksha Postgraduate or other than Undiksha.
b. Prospective students follow the administrative registration process following applicable regulations
c. Prospective students receive a Registration Certificate and Student Card.

(5) The new student entry date is the date of the administrative registration activity.

(6) Administrative registration for old students (re-registration) is carried out by submitting three requirements to the Registration and Statistics Sub-Division officer, namely:

a. proof of payment of Single Tuition Fee;
b. valid student card;
c. registration card

(7) Students who are on leave from college and will register must submit a Lecture Leave Certificate which has been approved by the Study Programme Coordinator and ratified by the Postgraduate Director.

(8) Students who have administrative registration can do academic registration.

(9) Lost or damaged Registration Certificate and Student Card can be replaced with the following requirements:

a. The student shows a loss report certificate from the Police.
b. Students return the damaged Registration Certificate and Student Card.
c. Students fill out and complete the Loss Tracking Process Card.
c. Students pay a card replacement fee, which the Rector’s Decree determines.

B. Academic Registration

(1) Academic registration is a service to students participating in the learning process in a specific semester, which is carried out at the beginning of the semester on the condition that administrative registration has been carried out.

(2) Academic registration is a study plan consultation and filling out a Card of Study Plan.

(3) Study plan consultation is a consultation activity between students and their respective Academic Supervisors, which is carried out in the Study Programme to prepare the study plan for the semester concerned.

(4) Filling in the Card of Study Plan is registering the courses to be programmed.

(5) Course programming must consider the prerequisite courses and the considerations of the Study Programme Coordinator.

(6) Academic registration is coordinated at the Postgraduate.

(7) The sub-division of Academic and Student Affairs regulates the academic registration process according to the academic calendar.

(8) The results of Card of Study Plan processing are in the form of:

a. Lecture Attendance List;
b. Lecturer Task List;
c. Final Score List;
d. List of Candidates for Judicial Participants.

C. Lecture Leave

Master and Doctoral Programme students are allowed to take leave from college with the following conditions:

(1) Tuition Leave Permit Requirements

a. Have taken a minimum of one semester of college, with at least 10 (ten) credits and a minimum achievement index of 3.00.
b. Not a scholarship recipient.
c. Have not exceeded the limit for the amount of college leave

(2) Lecture Leave Permit Rights

a. The length of study leave is calculated as the study period and is not required to pay tuition fees.
b. The proper length of study leave is two semesters while studying.
c. Students who do not register at the beginning of the semester will be processed automatically on leave.
d. Tuition leave is automatically granted at most twice as long as the student still has the right to study leave.
e. Students who are on leave from college do not have the right to obtain academic services and take advantage of academic facilities.
f. Students who have already registered can apply for a leave of absence and cancel their study plans, but the tuition fees that have been paid are non-refundable.
g. Students who have taken study leave for two consecutive semesters and do not register for the following two semesters in a row are declared to have resigned as students and are entitled to a certificate of having attended college.

(3) Lecture Leave Procedure

Applications for college leave are made online, with the appropriate procedures set and submitted every semester running according to a predetermined schedule.